Family owned since 1998.

It's about family

Fond childhood memories of Central Otago Summers drew Guy & Ann to Queenstown with dreams of being high country farmers.

It wasn't the most profitable time for farmers with wool prices in decline and sheep fattening getting tough, so in 1998 the decision was made to send the sheep off to greener pastures and follow suit of some other pioneers in the Gibbston valley and plant some vines.

Twenty one years later and Guy & Ann are still proud owners of Mt Rosa Wines and even though some of those 21 years were a hard slog, there's nowhere they'd rather be than sharing their wine with family and visitors.

You'll find Ann & Guy onsite at the Cellar Door most days and their children may even be pouring some wines or out on the tractor.

They are truly family owned and operated and that makes a huge difference in the authenticity of Mt Rosa.

the big kahunas
Ann & Guy

You may find them skipping through the vines with a glass of rose and Baz & Doug in tow, but usually they're on the frontline welcoming guests and sharing their wines. If you can't find Guy, he'll be out on the tractor.

They are Mt Rosa!

Dean Shaw

Dean has been with Mt Rosa from the beginning. Dean’s approach is a natural one and prefers to intervene as little as possible. The vineyard is at a stage now that the wines are truly reflecting the character of their environment. They're really starting to ‘hit their straps’ says Dean.

Dean holds a Post-graduate degree in Viticulture and Wine Science and has made wine in Champagne, Burgundy, Alsace, Austria, Italy and South Africa.

We truly value his authenticity and his character as these reflect our philosophy and of course, our wines!

our team
Our winos

Our frontline Cellar Door team is made up of Ray, Bindy, Caleb, Alex, Laura, Liz, Jemima, Stacie, & Evee. Brilliant hosts who all love a laugh and a tipple of the good stuff!

Head of customer experience
Baz & Doug

Baz, our celebrity mascot, has been here a while, but he's now joined by Doug...the new young gun!

United in cuteness, Doug will try to win you over with his puppy dog eyes, meanwhile Baz will be eyeing up what platter you've ordered and try his best to 'share'!